The Federal Trade Commission reports that there has been homes built in the United States between 2003 and 2008 that contain imported drywall, known in the press as Chinese Drywall. Some consumers who live in these homes have reported problems, including a strong sulfur smell; health issues, like irritated and itchy eyes and skin, difficulty breathing, a persistent cough and headaches; and premature corrosion or deterioration of certain metal components in their homes, like air conditioner coils and wiring behind electrical outlets and inside electrical panel boxes.

The Federal Interagency Task Force has performed significant testing of drywall and homes, and found a strong association between the problem drywall, the hydrogen sulfide levels in homes with that drywall, and corrosion in those homes.

Several cases of Chinese Drywall have been reported in the Tampa Bay area. If you are concerned that your potential purchase or current home could be a candidate for Chinese Drywall, let KGI provide a thorough yet comprehensive visual report and if necessary, a core sample lab report to determine if Chinese Drywall is present.

Note: Remediation for Chinese Drywall has changed numerous times over the past several years and permits now being required for the remediation. We suggest you contact your local Building Department for updated protocols regarding those local municipalities' remediation requirements.

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