KRAUS GROUP, INC. Inspection Services follows the extensive checklist format for ASTM Property Conditions Assessments. Each inspection checklist covers The Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process in connection with the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM).
group In order for us to serve you better, when calling to schedule a commercial inspection or to request a quote, please be able to provide the following information: Total under roof square footage; the number of tenants and if any are medical or specialty tenants; number of floors in the project; and the age of the structure.
To give you a better idea of what a commercial inspection entails please find a brief division summarization below:
  •   Structural frame and building envelope
  •   Perimeter walls
  •   Brick
  •   Roof System
  •   Plumbing system
  •   HVAC System
  •   Electrical
Parking and Grounds:
  •   Flatwork (sidewalks or patios)
  •   Irrigation
  •   Signage
  •   Utilities (type and provider)
  •   Paving
  •   Curbing
  •   Parking
  •   Electrical Service
  •   Walls / Partitions
  •   Air Conditioning System
  •   Heating System
  •   Plumbing:
  •   Attic / area above drop ceiling
  •   Bathrooms
  •   Windows / Doors
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