“I have been buying and selling houses for quite a few years now. I have usually followed the 
advice and recommendation of the broker as to which inspection company to pick because I believed 
that all inspectors were the same. But, now that I have discovered you, I finally realize what a 
good inspector really means.

I am so impressed with your thoroughness and with your knowledge of buildings and structures. You 
have provided me the most comprehensive and the most detailed report of any other inspections I 
have ever experienced. During the inspection and then in your report you have given me sound 
explanations for the issues you uncovered. Not only that, you have also suggested repairs necessary 
to address those same issues.

I am most grateful for your brand of professionalism. It did exceed my expectations. I will most 
surely use your company exclusively from now on and will make sure to recommend you to anyone who 
is buying or selling a home.”
-Angela (Client)

“We have just used Kraus Group, Inc. to inspect the home we had an offer on. We have bought and 
sold many houses over the years, in various states, and we have never encountered anything even 
close to the inspection this group gave us. These guys are a huge cut above the norm. The fact that 
they have been in the construction business is yet another bonus. The way in which this team 
presents the information to the prospective buyer is not to panic you, but to inform you about what 
exactly you need to look at before your purchase, thus preventing the buyer from any surprises 
after the purchase. They clearly lay out every detail from any serious problems that need to be 
addressed, to the potentially serious problems, down to the tiny details as simple as a screw 
loose, or a missing bolt that is simply a potential eye sore, but means nothing to the structural 
integrity of the home or to any of the equipment in the home. We cannot say enough good things 
about this team. We need more qualified inspectors like the Krauss team. In addition to being more 
qualified and thorough than any team we have encountered, they are professional and they show 
respect in the way in which they treat your home during the inspection. We cannot recommend them 
highly enough!”
-Betsy (Client)

“I appreciate all you do and the dedication to me and my clients. You make my job easier and I 
trust you deeply.”
-Kellie (Realtor)

“I thought the guys did a great job and I really appreciate their willingness to interact with the 
clients and discuss a whole range of issues concerning maintenance, preservation, redevelopment, 

as you well know, many inspectors do not have the experience or intelligence level to have these 
dialogues in any sustained fashion.”
-David (Realtor)

“Your work ethic and competence were impressive. We feel confident that you left no stone 
-Sal and Joyce (Client)

“I cannot recommend a vendor more highly than this inspection group. I do not make any referrals 
from my vendors. I am not compensated by these guys at all. I just respect their knowledge. I 
have built a reputation selling older homes and not everyone is capable of rooting out the problems 
or differentiating levels of concern and severity.”
-Steve (Realtor)

“Thank you for your consistent service. The ladies in the office are always very polite and 
efficient. The guys out at the inspection are not only thorough but always show consideration for 
the seller and buyer when reporting on their findings. As an agent, they make the inspection time 
a stress free process.”
-Jane (Realtor).

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